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Introducing Avealto INSIGHTS, a regular exploration combining decades of experience as telecom and space pioneers with the history, trends and potential of HAPs (High Altitude Platforms) to bring telecommunications to underserved communities and industries.

Since 1988, Avealto’s leadership has been steadfast in their commitment to the opening the door for commercial development and democratization of space initiatives. (#newspace). Avealto founder, Walt Anderson, brings a rich history and innovative approach to telecom and space ventures, including commercially operating the Mir Space Station and putting the first civilian in space, Dennis Tito. NewScientist Magazine designated Mr. Anderson as one of the “Top 10 Influential Space Thinkers.” He was featured in the acclaimed documentary, Orphans of Apollo, which tells about the US government headwinds that he survived.

Issue One focuses on the history and technology of the commercial satellite services sector, including putting the first civilian into space.

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