Avealto selects JP Aerospace to create High Altitude Platform

Avealto announces a development partnership with JP Aerospace to design and build a High Altitude Platform vehicle to provide telecommunication services.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – September 30, 2015

Avealto Ltd. has selected JP Aerospace to design and build a high Altitude Platform prototype vehicle. JP Aerospace successfully completed the feasibility study of a High Altitude Platform vehicle a few months ago. An actual test vehicle was flown multiple times. JP Aerospace, based in Sacramento, California, USA has accumulated more practical and commercial experience in high altitude vehicle operations than any other organization in the world.

“We have already begun to build a larger test vehicle to test additional flight systems for the Avealto High Altitude Platform” John Powell – Founder and CEO, JP Aerospace

When the initial design is finalized, volume production and deployment of the High Altitude platforms will proceed. Avealto plans to build the operational High Altitude Platforms, and associated Telecom Payloads in the United Kingdom.

Avealto’s baseline vision is of solar-powered lighter-than-air vehicles which will remain on station in the stratosphere at an altitude of 20 to 25 kilometers (60,600 to 82,000 feet) for months at a time. Each High Altitude Platform will be able to provide services to a terrestrial footprint between 240 to 240 kilometers (150 to 300 miles) in diameter. Each High Altitude Platform vehicle will have more bandwidth that many large Geostationary Telecommunication satellites

The Avealto vehicle Telecom Payload will to interoperate seamlessly with existing telecommunications infrastructure. Customers will be able to quickly add high quality telecommunication services at a competitive cost using existing antennas and without requiring new ground station equipment. The short signal transmission path of High Altitude Platforms compared to satellites offers significant technical advantages, notably low latency, better Forward Error Correction (FEC) and modest power transmitter requirements.

Avealto’s High Altitude Platform vehicle will be able to provide an “instant-on”, scalable, cost effective telecom infrastructure for developing countries and to fill in gaps in existing infrastructure in more developed countries. The vehicle can also carry third party “hosted payloads”. Avealto plans to have commercial High Altitude Platform vehicles ready for deployment in 2017. Unlike geostationary telecommunications satellites, High Altitude Platforms can be landed for scheduled servicing and technical upgrades as required

Avealto has assembled an experienced team that incorporates a blend of both telecoms and aerospace expertise. This team is led by Avealto founder, Walt Anderson. Mr. Anderson is a serial telecommunication entrepreneur, an early investor and supporter of commercial space activities, and co-founder of the International Space University in Strasbourg, France. Telecoms companies foundedand run by Mr. Anderson in the USA and Europe realised over USD2.5 billion in exit valuations.

“Since our successful feasibility testing was announced a few months ago, we have had tremendous interest from potential customers in many parts of the world.” David Chambers, CTO, Avealto Limited

About Avealto: Avealto Ltd. is a United Kingdom corporation which intends to finance, construct and operate a fleet of High Altitude Platforms. The mature global Avealto system might comprise 200+ unmanned, stratospheric, long duration telecommunications platforms providing: mobile communication support; broadband; telecom backhaul; broadcasting; transportation safety services; and, public safety services. Modular swappable payloads can be tailored to suit specific locations and markets.

Avealto aims to complement existing terrestrial and satellite infrastructure, providing rapidly deployable connectivity for rural, remote, maritime, aeronautical and developing world customers, and integrating seamlessly with existing infrastructure.

For more information contact: info@avealto.com